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Game screen

※ When the game is not yet started
After downloading, the game screen will be displayed the first time you start up.
It is in a state where member placement to the tennis court by automatic calculation is not done yet. At this time, "Prepared for games" is displayed in white with the title. After billing, the state of the tennis court is displayed at the lowest row, but the advertisement banner is displayed at the time of unpaid.

Combination start
The combination automatically calculates based on the members who are set to participate in the game from the registered members and is installed on the tennis court.

Display Participation menbers screen
Tap the left side of the title bar to display sub menu screen (Participation Members).

Display of court conditionThe state of each court is displayed at the bottom.
The usage status of each tennis court is displayed at the bottom. Other than the number of courts selected on the setting screen, "Unused" is displayed. Available tennis courts are displayed as "Free" when the members are placed or empty, "Lock" when the arrangement of the members is confirmed on the tennis court, "Game" when in the game.

Beginning a game (summary unit)

Tap "Start Combination" to start the match which becomes the summary unit.
You can switch to "Automatic placement" by automatic calculation or "Manual placement" where arbitrary placement is possible.
During automatic placement, members who are taking a break are excluded and automatic placement is done on the court by calculation from waiting members.
In this case, even if you move the drag, it will be returned to the calculated placement, so please change the members after switching to manual.
Movement during break can be done even during automatic placement.

Matching runs in court
Each court game will start on a court-by-court basis. Execution of the court game "Lock" the members of the court and "Start" the game. Once confirmed, all members in the court will be locked in place and the key mark will be attached and the background will be orange. When the game starts, the background changes to dark blue. In the case of manual placement, game start can be done in 1 to 1 or 2 to 2 state.

Court unit Lock and individual unit Lock
There are two Lock states that can not be moved. One is the Lock of the court unit when you "Lock" and the other is the individual unit Lock when you double tap an individual. Locked members stay there without automatic placement movement.The court unit Lock can be used even when there is no member in the court, and it can be secured as an empty court. If it is locked as an empty court, automatic placement will not be done even for a court without a member.

Display number of games
The number of games for each member is displayed next to the name. If participating in the middle, the number of games that was automatically corrected in the format of (n) is displayed. In addition, you can change the correction value to an arbitrary number if it is after billing. When the number of games is indicated as X (Y), the number of games used in the calculation is X + Y. By changing the correction value, you can preferentially participate in the game or delay the participation of the game. Double-tap a member on the Participation Member list to open the input dialog to enter the correction value.

Display pair status
For paired members, an image that connects two people is displayed.
If you move by dragging two people will be moving at the same time.

Move members
Members with key marks can not move. Also, its members can not be replaced with other members.
If you move either of the paired members, the pair member also follows and moves.
During automatic calculation, it is relocated by automatic calculation after moving. If you move a member of the court to the waiting area or other court, you can not move because it is returned to the original position by recalculation, but you can move to the break area. Immediately after moving to the break area, another member is placed on the court by recalculation, or if the court is not buried, other members who were on the court will automatically move to the waiting area. Members moved to the break area will be marked with a coffee cup.

Participation Members (SubMenu)

The upper list shows the participation status of registered members.
Also, the lower group of buttons will move to each function screen.

Selection of participating members
Member's racket mark means "to join" the game. The house mark means "not participate".
Changing participation status will switch by tapping each mark.
The number of "Players" displayed in the upper row is the number of participating members / number of registered members.

Priority of initial placement at game start

When a match is started by automatic calculation, the order of priority is higher for the members in the upper row.
You can change the priority (display position) of members by dragging.

Transition to each function screen

You can move the screen by tapping the function name in the lower row.
After moving to each screen, the game screen will come back from each screen.

Enter the correction value for the number of games (available after billing)
If you are in a game, you can enter correction values ​​for the number of individual games.The range of correction value can be set between -10 and 10.
The number of matches greatly affects automatic calculation. If you set the correction value 2 when the current number of games is 7, 9 is used as the number of games when you do the calculation. When the other member was 7, the members who were compensated until another member gets the game and approaches 9 will not be placed on the court. However, in automatic calculation, it does not mean that it will not be placed until the number of games of all other members is 9 because pair situation and match situation with other members are also taken into consideration. On the contrary, if a negative value is set, it will be placed on the court preferentially until it is close to the number of games of other members.
When you tap the home mark and join the member halfway, the correction value is automatically set based on the smallest number of games among the other members, and it is placed on the court at the same rate as other members.

Member Management

You can register and delete members, change registration information, and send e-mail of registered information.
Maximum number of registrations is 40 people.
Initial number of members who can be registered can be increased to 7 people, purchase can be increased to 40 people.

Registered member list
Information on registered members is displayed in a list. However, mail addresses and memos are not displayed.
Members who are not participating in the game will be displayed a bit darker, and if you are in a game you will see a status mark such as a key mark or coffee cup.
When paired, the name of the pair is displayed to the right of the member name.
You can also change the display order.

Delete registered members
When you swipe the name to the left, a deleted frame appears. You can delete that member by tapping delete.
Depending on the member state during game such as being locked (key mark) ) it may not be deleted.

send e-mail
Mail starts with the address registered in the administrator's mail address as the destination.
Information on all registered members will be included in the email text.
Entry of registration information is only manual input and can not be imported from the outside.

Member registration
Member registration screen and edit screen are almost same screen composition.
Required items at the time of member registration differ between the area using kanji for name and the area using alphabet.
For essential items in the case of Kanji, it is last name and phonetic. Phonetic is used when name is arranged.
Required items for the alphabet are first names.
For permission setting of mail delivery, you can set whether to send when game result summary is sent to members at the same time.

Edit members
You can change the registration information.
The member to be edited is marked with a book opened.
If you move the screen without tapping update after changing, it will cancel the change.

Fixed Pair

You can set pair fixing.
Members described in the notes on the lower right of the screen are displayed as pair candidate members in the lower left.
Members who are currently locked (key mark) ) or who are taking a break will not be candidates. If you are already pairing and playing a match, the key mark will be displayed on the upper row.

Set pair fixing
You can set the pair by moving the lower left member to the upper pair frame. It is also possible to change in the pair frame.
Depending on the state of the member during the game such as being locked (locked), pair exchange may be impossible.

Unpair Unit
Pairing can be done by moving from the pair frame to the member frame on the bottom left.
Depending on the state of the member during the game such as being locked (locked), it may not be possible to cancel the pair.

Release all pairs
Unlock all pairs that have been set.
The pair to be released includes Lock (key mark) which can not be released individually, and members of the breaking area.


You can display and delete game summary result list.
The aggregated list of multiple matches performed with totaling is displayed. In addition, if there is a changeover with no aggregation on the way, only games with aggregation will be counted.
"New" will be displayed in the unread summary result.
Tap the result to open the detail screen.

Delete summary result
You can swipe the count result to the left, remove the deleted frame, tap the delete frame and delete it.

Detailed display of game summary result
Winning and losing by match and member is displayed.
By game match by game start time, members are listed by name.

send e-mail

Tap to activate the e-mail that describes the summary information.
Text display and summary data of aggregate by game and member can be sent to set e-mail address for administrator.
It can be sent to members who are permitted to distribute by member registration at the same time. Members are added to the recipient in BCC.
Received members can retrieve aggregated data with AOM4T. The imported data is displayed with the same contents as the sender.

Import game result data

Mail transmission and import of match result data
The text of the summary information and summary data are described in the received mail.
When you tap theaggregation data by e-mail of iPhone or iPad, AOM4T starts and a dialog of import confirmation is displayed.
You can import aggregate data even if the participating members of the game included in that data are not registered.
Imported aggregate data can be displayed in the same way as ordinary aggregation.
If the same summary data already exists, importing will not be done.

Format and save summary data

The summary data is described in the mail in the link format as well as the general URL.
Some mail software such as WEB mail, please note that some links do not work.
For saving, it is possible to save by saving the mail as it is, as well as attaching it to iPhone, iPad's notepad, etc.

Competition record

Displays the cumulative victory or defeat of the previous game.
Matches that are cumulative in competition results are only games made with aggregation. Also the results during the game are included in the cumulative total.
You can edit individual members and reset all members at once.
In addition, it is possible to e-mail the score record information to the administrator.

Member individual editing
You can correct the number of wins, the number of losses, the number of draws, etc., such as when you input a match result erroneously at the end of a match.

send e-mail
You can email the competition record to the administrator's email address with text.
Competition record data is not given, so it can not be imported.


Various changes such as game form can be done by setting.
Changes are possible even during the game.
Each setting can not be changed depending on various conditions.For example, when you change the number of courts during a game, you can not change it to unused when it is in use in a match.
If you are pairing with doubles, you need to unpair to change to singles.

Management e-mail address

The set e-mail address is used as a destination for sending registered member information, competition record information, aggregated result information.

Purchase and Restoretion

By charging you can increase the maximum number of registered members up to 40 people.

Support Mail

Regardless of whether you are charged or not, please send trouble and request.

Charge is two stages
The first stage charging will be able to increase the number of registered people and the number of games correction function.
You can purchase the charge for Phase 2 after you charge Phase 1. You can register up to 40 registered members.

Restore purchase

Once purchased at the time of re-downloading, the function will be restored and used without being repurchased at "Restore" if it is AppleID at the time of purchase.

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